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Research, views, and insights on cybersecurity, account takeover, fraud, and more

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Back to School Means More Cyber Concerns

Cyberattacks continue to rise, threatening the educational sector. Read why educational institutions being targeted and what to do.

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Tackling Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in School Systems  

School IT leaders are facing a number of cybersecurity challenges that have emerged as education becomes more connected.

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Solving the Password Problem in Education

The education sector is a prime target for credential attacks and password reuse. Read how our solution has enabled Higher Ed to reduce the risk.

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Attacks on Digital Learning

The educational sector is well on its way to becoming a ‘prime target’ for cyberattacks. Read how school districts can defend themselves.

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Cyberattacks in Higher Ed

As high-profile attacks continue to make headlines, higher education IT departments must prioritize their budgets and personnel deployment to maintain effective security measures and heighten incident response.

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