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Ransomware Is An Increasing Problem

The education sector experienced a 44% increase in cyber-attacks when compared to 2021, with an average of 2297 attacks against organizations every week.


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Education is a Target

56% of lower education organizations and 64% of higher education organizations were hit by ransomware in the last year.


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Recovery Takes Too Long

Colleges and universities, on average, take twice as long as organizations in other industries to recover — 40% took over a month, 31% took one to three months and 9% recovered from a ransomware attack in a three-to-six-month period.


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Strengthen Password Security and Compliance by Eliminating Compromised Credentials

Academic institutions balance limited cyber resources to protect a diverse community that can access legacy systems from any device. When faculty, staff and students use compromised passwords, it’s impossible to keep the bad actors out. That’s why NIST overhauled password rules to eliminate complexity rules and frequent password resets. The modern approach to passwords makes it easier for both the IT department and the user community.


Keep It Simple

Quick to get started and minimal IT burden. Add security without adding another obstacle to the authentication flow

Comply with NIST

Follow best practice password policy recommendations, including detecting when good passwords become compromised

Improve User Experience

Remove outdated policies that made passwords harder for users but easier for hackers

What Our Customers Say

Large Privacy University
Director of Identity and Access Management

“Passwords remain an effective and affordable authentication solution. However, to keep our systems secure, we determined we needed a way to prevent the use of compromised credentials.”



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