State & Local Government

Cybercriminals use compromised credentials to
attack cities, municipalities, and states

Protect your community from cybersecurity threats by securing your passwords.

It isn’t easy to maintain public trust and secure assets when users continue to select compromised passwords. The door is open to password attacks that result in data breaches and ransomware. That’s why NIST overhauled password rules to eliminate complexity rules and frequent password resets. NIST’s modern approach to passwords makes it easier for both the IT department and the user community..

Enzoic is a great tool that ensures password security without needing any additional employee training or adding an administrative burden on IT.

David McCue, Information Technology Manager for the City of Paso Robles
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Keep It Simple

Quick to get started and minimal IT burden. Add security without adding another obstacle to the authentication flow

Comply with NIST

Follow best practice password policy recommendations, including detecting when good passwords become compromised

Improve User Experience

Remove outdated policies that made passwords harder for users but easier for hackers

Assess and Enforce Password Security in Your State and Local Government

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