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Enzoic Part of Enterprise Security Magazine’s Top 10

Enzoic is proud to be part of Enterprise Security Magazine’s Top 10 Identity and Access Management Solution Providers for 2019. 

Enzoic was selected to be part of this exclusive list because of the uniqueness of the technology along with the low-friction way the product helps prevent account takeover and fraud.

In the past decade, over 10 billion records have been lost or stolen due to online crime and theft. One of the largest cases was Yahoo’s security breach, which compromised 3 billion user accounts. The attack vector used in the Yahoo breach was also the most common: passwords.  A recent study by Verizon also found that over 80% of data breaches are a result of weak or compromised passwords.

To help combat this weak spot, Enzoic has built a huge cloud database of compromised credential data from the internet and dark web. The database is updated for real-time results and is accessed through a secure API. Through the API, organizations can screen their user accounts against the database. If the user credentials are found to be compromised, the user is immediately alerted and the organization’s password policy guidelines determine the next action.

With this process, Enzoic helps businesses prevent credential stuffing and account takeover attacks. As opposed to risk-based authentication security solutions that only discover suspected malicious behavior, Enzoic definitively identifies that credentials are no longer secure. The organization then take steps to mitigate risk which may involve limiting access or stepping up authentication, etc.

Enzoic’s approach substantially reduces the risk of account takeover and fraud, while minimizing user frustration and abandonment.

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